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Research and Production Company “Grace-Engineering” was established in 1994 by the engineers group, which since 1987 within the All-Soviet Union Research Institute of Compressor Engineering worked on the problem of DGS system creation for compressors in the structure of gas-pumping aggregates.

Since the company establishment there have been installed plenty of DGS systems for compressors of different chemical and oil-refinery enterprises and also for gas-pumping aggregates of CIS gas pipelines. The first dry gas seal systems at gas-pumping aggregates were installed in 1990 by the engineers of “Grace-Engineering” who at that moment were the part of Science and Research Institute. In 1995 in Russia the first DGS system started up at the natural gas compressor tag no. 102-J of ammonia production «Akron» JSC in Velikiy Novgorod city. In 1996 DGS system was installed at ammonia compressor 105-J of ammonia plant «Azot» JSC, Novomoskovsk city.

ИсторияThese installations put the beginning of huge technical re-equipment of the compressor technologies of chemical enterprises in Russia, Ukraine, etc.

1997 – manufacturing of the first DGS units for gas industry.

2002 – the beginning of DGS systems delivery for natural gas compressor in the structure of gas-pumping equipment, being exploited at the enterprises of “Gasprom” JSC.

In 1997 rubber goods production was established and since that time it has been running successfully. Elastomers are used under severe conditions at the chemical, oil-pumping enterprises being the part of pumping and compressor equipment of nuclear power stations, gas-pumping aggregates, etc.

Since 1998 the company has established production of prilling systems for mineral fertilizers manufacturing. Nowadays prilling systems and their spare parts are delivered to more than 20 enterprises of chemical industry in 8 countries of neighbouring countries and beyond.

ИсторияToday “Grace-Engineering” performs DGS serial deliveries for national compressor equipment enterprises. Our firm develops cooperation with gas-transport enterprises of far abroad countries. Researches and improvement of sealing equipment are permanently performed by the engineers of the enterprise. All this resulted in industrial manufacturing of DGS units for high pressure compressors.

Elastomer sector produces certified rubber goods for nuclear power plant equipment.

Prilling systems specialists have used new designs for prilling  of complex mineral fertilizers including traditional and ones with various additions.