Tower vibroprillers

Tower vibroprillers

гран1In 1998 appeared new activity field of “Grace-Engineering” Ltd – granulating systems for mineral fertilizers designing, manufacturing and installation of:

– carbamide;
– ammonia nitrate;
– complex fertilizers.

The combination of experience of engineers specializing in prillers production, permanent construction improvement and new prillers designs alongside with a modern production facilities let “Grace-Engineering” Ltd occupy the leading position in the field of prilling systems production at the enterprises of Eastern Europe and Middle East.

Nowadays vibroprillers of “Grace” production are currently running in Russia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Georgia, Algeria, Serbia, Bulgaria, India, Turkey, Romania, Poland. Our customers are the major enterprises of native chemical complex which deals with prilled mineral fertilizers production.

Башенные виброгрануляторы


Parameters of Prilling Systems:

  • prills monodispersity – due to the optimal hydrodynamics of the process;
  • reliability and simplicity of operation – system doesn’t include complex electronic and other systems but is based on the simple technical decisions;
  • durability – materials are selected in such a way to provide the maximum service life of more that 10 years;
  • versatility – one priller equipped with changeable baskets can operate at different level of mineral fertilizers production capability from 10 to 80 t/h;
  • ecological cleanness – minimum dust formation while prilling and absence of environmental pollutions.

Products operability assurance


With a view to operability ensuring within the warranty and post-warranty periods the company performs the following works:

    • construction design and all kinds of calculations;
    • material selection and testing;
    • quality control at all the stages of manufacturing;
    • prillers testing on the special equipment in the presence of a customer including all the modes, corresponding to the modes of operation;
    • delivery and installation;
    • real testings at the customer’s tower according to the program approved by customer;
    • service works within the warranty and post-warranty period on the first customer’s demand;
    • spare parts delivery on the first customer’s demand;
    • customer’s specialists teaching – operation technology, assembling-disassembling, inspection, mounting-demounting.