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Design features

Prillers design features
In 2002 the professionals of  “Grace-Engineering” Ltd designed high-pressure vibopriller. The design of such high-pressure prillers is used for operation in towers with big diameter, what allows due to increasing of the melt column hydrostatic pressure to increase irrigation torch diameter and in such a way intensify the cooling process.

Конструктивные особенности Конструктивные особенности
High-pressure vibopriller
Oblongated design of vibopriller

In 2004 there was designed and manufactured an oblongated priller. Such a design of a priller is generally used for thicken overlapping of prilling towers (400÷600 mm).


Magnetostrictive Vibrator
Magnetostrictive vibrator was designed instead of the pneumatic one and lets:
– smoothly adjust vibration frequency within 0…1200 Hz (in contrast to the discrete values on the pneumatic vibrator),
– smoothly adjust amplitude.

Конструктивные особенности
Magnetostrictive Vibrator (mechanical part) on vibropriller

Vibrator design includes two separate parts: vibrator inverter (mechanical part) and control unit (electronic part) which are joined with a cable.

Конструктивные особенности
Magnetostrictive Vibrator (electronic part)