Storage and installation

Operational Requirements for Elastomer Goods

Storage Requirements.

    • Rubber sealing ring as well as other rubber goods should be stored indoors by the temperature from 0 to 30 ºС, being placed at a distance of not less than 1 m from heating equipment and uneffected by solar radiation and materials, damaging rubber.
    • It is forbidden to deform them in any way.
    • After storing the goods within the temperature below zero all the parts before installing must be kept under the temperature of (20±5) ºС during not less than 24 hours, under the temperature of (50±5) ºС during at least 2 hours.

Mounting Requirements.

    • While mounting rubber rings should be protected from shifts, twistings, mechanical damages and cuts.
    • On the surface of conjugated components for rubber goods mounting there should be no dints, cuts and other damages. Surfaces should be clean without abrasives and corrosion. Surface should be moistured with oil inert to the rings material or working fluids with good lubricating properties.
    • In order to increase rubber rings durability it is recommended to use covering of cylinders and rods working surfaces.
    • For mounting of sealing rings in the inner grooves taper holders should be used.
    • If by mounting rings match threading, holders covering threading should be used.
  • After demounting of the sealing cartridge the rings and other rubber goods SHOULD NOT BE USED for the second time.