Range of Production

Range of production manufactured by “Grace-Engineering” elastomer department consists of more than thousand different rubber goods items:

No. Item Range
1 Rubber «О»-rings according to State Standard GOST 9833-73; GOST 18829-73; Standard У21127561-002-98; Technical Specifications 38 105.1325-2001; nonstandard and standard rings according to Customer’s drawings. More than 2500 dimension types; with inner ring diameter from 1 to 1400 mm, section diameter from 0,5 to 25 mm
2 Rubber collars according to GOST 6969-54; GOST 14896-84; GOST 6678-70; nonstandard and standard collars according to Customer’s drawings. More than 100 dimension types, on the rod from 8 to 300 mm
3 Sealing gaskets, elastic sleeves по нормативным документам и образцам и чертежам Заказчика

according to normative documents and Customer’s patterns and  drawings

Membrane, rubber and rubber-textile diaphragms
according to Customer’s drawings with a diameter from 10 to 400 mm
5 Rubber cords sections from 1 to 20 mm, length according to Customer’s drawings; butting (when necessary)