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Control panels

Dry gas system system (DGS) includes control panel (DGS CP), which provides reliable and durable operation of DGS cartridges.

The main task of control panel is to provide and control the conditions of DGS operation and in case of failure to actuate alarm and blocking signal.

DGS control panel design and function are much easier and much safer that the system of sealing oil has. It consists of filter unit, simple shut-off-and-regulating armature and a standard set of control devices.

DGS CP provides following functions performing:

  • fine cleaning of buffer gas supplied into the seal;
  • control of pressure and consumption of clean buffer gas supplied into DGS;
  • control of leakage value through the seal;
  • pressure control over the operating sealing stage and in case of its increase actuating the signal;
  • cleaning of buffer gas supplied into the seal;
  • buffer gas pressure adjustment and control by the supply into DGS.

Контрольно-измерительные панели систем сухих газовых уплотненийThe given list of functions can be changed in each individual case according to DGS systems operation conditions, DGS layout drawing and customer’s demands.

Control panel design provides ease of maintenance, handling and control over operation parameters. All local devices are installed on the face side of the panel. Instrument layout ensures convenient and simultaneous control over all output parameters. Shut-off-and-regulating armature provides easy mounting, demounting and adjustment.

Control panel reliability is ensured by usage of devices and armature of leading manufacturers, who have already shown their experience in different production fields.  By installation of DGS systems in the dangerously explosive or fire-hazardous areas we equip control panels with devices of corresponding explosion protection class. Laying of electric power cables is also performed in accordance to all the demands.
Контрольно-измерительные панели систем сухих газовых уплотнений